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Thank you for visiting the Frederick Seventh-day Adventist Church website. The Frederick Church is a welcoming and loving church. We take our mission seriously: “To allow God to arise in our lives, homes and community as we arise in worship to Him”

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Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura—the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.

Adventists believe a Trinity of three persons–the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit–make up one God. They made salvation possible when Jesus, the Son, came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem and lived a sinless life in accordance with the Father’s will. When Jesus was crucified for the sins of the people of the world and arose from the dead on the third day, victory was won for everyone.

For information on specific doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church, please visit:

We Believe That…

God is love, power, and splendor—and God is a mystery. His ways are far beyond us, but He still reaches out to us. God is infinite yet intimate, three yet one, all-knowing yet all-forgiving
From neurons to nebulae, DNA to distant galaxies, we are surrounded by wonder. Yet the beauty is broken.
Love. Harmony. Perfection. Once, all creation sang the same glorious song.
Jesus left His followers with an epic mission: tell the world of His love and His promise to return. Also, they should love people the way He loved them.
God’s law in the Ten Commandments show us how to live and make clear our need for Jesus. Though the law shows us the path to follow and convicts us of sin, it’s about far more than just toeing the line.
From the Garden of Eden to the Tower of Babel, the destruction of Sodom to the Exodus from Egypt, God has always investigated before taking action.

Our Story

The Frederick Seventh-Day Adventist Church dates back to 1912, when a tent meeting was held on the corner of East 4th Street. Four people were baptized as a result of these meetings and officially became the first Seventh-Day Adventists in Frederick, Maryland.

The Frederick Seventh-Day Adventist Church today has over 900 members and is growing.  The church continues to positively impact the Frederick community through outreach programs and participation in community events.

Arise in our Community

The Bible says “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

It is our belief that we have an obligation to share this gift with others. This is why our church organizes events for all ages, with an intense focus on reaching out to those in our church and community.

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Pastoral Staff

Pr. Morgan Kochenower
Pr. Morgan KochenowerLead Pastor

Phone: +1 (301) 662-5254 x11

Pastor Kochenower was born and raised in South Carolina and attended Southern Adventist University. While taking a year off to be a missionary, Morgan felt God calling him to ministry. Morgan graduated from SAU with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Theology. It was when Pastor Kochenower came back from the mission field that he met Michelle. He also holds a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University. Pastor Kochenower’s greatest experiences have been marriage, parenthood and witnessing people accept Jesus into their hearts. “I see Jesus working in so many ways. I see Jesus working through my wife and her love for me and others; I see Jesus working in my sons with the incredible joy they bring to our family; I see Jesus working every time I go to church and see the wonderful things God is doing in people around me. I believe Jesus is coming back so soon and look forward to the day when my family, friends, and all the children of God are gathered around Jesus’ throne. To God be the Glory.”

Pr. Kevin Kim
Pr. Kevin KimAssociate Pastor

Phone: +1 (704) 234-6565

Kevin serves as the associate pastor of Frederick Adventist Church.  Although he was born outside the US, he spent his early years growing up all over the US.  At Wake Forest University, he immersed himself in campus ministry.  After years of working and teaching, Kevin responded to Jesus’ call to pastoral ministry.  At Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, he once again immersed himself in campus ministry.  Since then, he has served as a pastor in campus, suburban, rural, and urban communities.  Kevin and his wife Ruby love Jesus, and love others – because He first loved us.

Pr. Izzy Uribe
Pr. Izzy UribeYouth Pastor

+1 (808) 798-3979

Hello! My name is Izraias but people call me Izzy. I am from beautiful, sunny, dry Southern California. I am married to an amazing loving wife Liz and we are both excited about doing life and ministry with youth and young adults!

My prayer is that I may continue to grow in the Love of God and that our Youth Ministry is motivated by this Love, so that at the end of the day Jesus may be an irresistible option for young people.

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